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Hello Sele! First of all, congratulations on the article, you have worked hard.

We are 4 adults who want to go this August to Iceland for 7 days and since we are not very handy, we have thought about renting a motorhome, although this way we can save a little more than if we stay in hotels, right? I also want to ask you if with the motorhome we can access all the wonderful places that there are to see or at least close to them.

The one with the motorhome is a great idea because you will save on hotels. I do not know how they are currently priced but being four I would not think about it and I would try. You can also access each and every one of the sites I talk about on the blog. No problem.

PS: I give a talk about Iceland in Madrid on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. (At Rafaelhoteles Atocha). In case you are from here and you want to stop by.

Do you know if the Iceland tours continue to give one of the three gifts as you indicate at the beginning of your article?

I just spoke with them and the pack (roundtrip flight, first night and 14-day motorhome), leaves for € 2343 approx.

I think they do continue to offer one of the three gifts. I have not received the opposite, so if you book in the end, tell them and they will give it to you.

Thank you, it has served me as a muxo, we want to travel in July and it is great for me, I hope to enjoy it and / or suffer it (in a good way) as much as you and friends.

I am going to travel to Iceland in February 2017, it is not the best time but I have no other option. I travel with 2 children. one 27 and the other 17 years old. Do you think that in the middle of Icelandic winter it will be comfortable to travel by motorhome?

The truth is that I do not advise you to make that trip in a motorhome. It is not because of the cold or the snow, that there will be a lot … but because they cut a good part of the roads. It is IMPOSSIBLE to go around the country and many of the best places become practically inaccessible. You can do Reykjavík and surroundings, as well as the Golden Circle. But forget about almost everything else …

Thanks for the article! It suits me a luxury for my trip in July. Can someone tell me if there is a low cost car rental? hehehe

Hello Sele, how nice to be able to read so much and such good information. Your blog is being very useful to us.