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Dear Assoc. Dr. Remzi YİĞİTER, Support Inst. Dr. Thank you very much to Fatma Tuğba ALTUNER KALLİ and all the nurses and doctor friends in the physical therapy department … you are magnificent.

Hello; I was examined by Dr. Mehmet Alper EVİŞEN on 30.03.2018 and left very pleased with his examination and I was very happy that he cared about his patient and the respect he showed to his job. Thank you very much to our physician, I congratulate you also for choosing such Exemplary Physicians in your hospital. Because we will always need such exemplary Physicians. Yours truly…

Hello, first of all, I would like to thank you, your doctors and all your staff. I had treatment for panic attacks for a long time. This illness really disrupted me and my social life. They recommended your hospital on a psychology site I am a member of and I was really pleased. Right now, my life continues as normal and I have no problems with panic attacks. I will also use your psychology service for social phobia. Thanks again, I wish you a good day.

I would like to thank all the employees in the internal medicine service, especially the nurse of Seher, Nurse Buket, and nurse Büşra, especially our teacher Halil Kalli, for their intense interest and relevance. A person can only feel so comfortable in a hospital. Thanks again to the whole Hatem family!

We would like to thank your Emergency Unit employee Serkan Cifci for her close interest during the treatment that our daughter saw in your emergency unit. You should not be surprised at this success of your hospital, as many of those who work in this way. Thanks again Serkan ..

I would like to state that I am satisfied with the service provided in your hospital’s health center. The service offered with a smiling face and the quality of the transaction is very good. Thank you to the staff of the department.

In the 5-day treatment of my son GÜNEY ATLAS, Specialist, who always cared for his smiling face and looked after my son as his own. Dr. I would like to thank MUSTAFA ÇİFTÇİ, your head nurse Hacer BİLGİN, your nurse in charge of the floor Cemile, Naşide nurse, Nurcan nurse and all veteran 5th floor nurses as well as the cleaning staff for their sensitive behavior during the entire treatment process.

I live in Elbistan. My wife Fevziye ÖZTÜRK had stomach problems, on the recommendation of a relative, dr. We made an appointment for Muzaffer ERTÜRK to be examined on Friday, 19.10.2018. I would like to thank the personnel who have registered since we entered the hospital, the personnel accepting patients next to the doctor, the laboratory personnel, the endoscopy personnel, the tomography personnel for their warm and sincere behavior. But I especially want to thank Specialist Doctor Muzaffer ERTÜRK. I would like to thank the dermatologist M.abbas İNANDIRICI and the patient admissions staff who examined me. In addition, you Hatem hospital managers, I congratulate you wholeheartedly, ENVER ÖZTÜRK for bringing together such a beautiful work.

I would like to thank my dear doctor, Nazan Özdemir, who never left me alone during my birth at Hatem Hospital, for his interest and interest. I would like to express that I admire his kindness towards his patients and his love for his job.